Audition – Quartet

Barbara Crellin is holding an audition for the play Quartet on Thursday 9th July 2015 7:30pm. The cast is four people of retirement age. Barbara intends to present the play this coming Autumn.
Quartet is a comedy play about aging opera singers set in a retirement home for musicians. Three elderly former opera singers, Reginald, Cissy and Wilfred, who often worked together, are sitting on the terrace. They are about to be joined by newcomer Jean, a major star in her day and to whom Reginald was unhappily married. 
A gala concert is shortly to take place at the retirement home to celebrate the birthday of renowned Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi. Three of the four are keen to recreate the third act quartet from Rigoletto and one isn’t !
Reginald – quiet, serious
Wilfred – jovial, talks about sex a lot
Cissy – Sweet, slightly daffy
Jean – rather a diva – has been a great soprano.
Barbara is keen to hear as many potential actors as possible. If in doubt, come, come along and read the play. You can phone Barbara with any questions about the play and audition on 01606 41461.