Theatre Facilities and Dimensions

The auditorium, including both audience and performing spaces, is a rectangular area about 6.4m wide by 10.1m long. Floor to ceiling height is 4.5m.

The performing area is at floor level but the audience seating is partially raised on increasingly high dais units up to a high-level entrance door into the Bar. The relative sizes of audience and performing spaces can be adjusted by adding or removing rows of audience seating. A typical setting allows 70 audience seats and a performing area of 4.4m by 6.4m. There is scope for increasing audience seating by setting out the lower audience level in ‘café’ style with chairs around tables, reducing the performance area correspondingly. This sort of arrangement might be appropriate for small music groups. Audience seating at floor level can be partially removed to allow wheelchair space.

There is little or no wing space to store large items or fly space to allow scenery to be lowered into the stage area. Performers may enter the auditorium via the two backstage doors at either side of the performing area, from the main audience doors or down stairs from the bar.

A lighting box at Bar level houses our Lighting and Sound control equipment and a window into the auditorium gives a view of the performing area over the audience. One PC keyboard and screen controls lighting and a second one controls pre-recorded sound. Both lighting and sound can be pre-configured using Windows applications. Recorded sounds can be played into speakers at the left and right rear of the performing area either from the sound PC or from CD or other sound sources via a connection into our sound mixer desk. We have no PA facilities suitable for music or drama performers.

Backstage there is a central Kitchen with rooms to the left and right that lead to doors onto the performing area. These rooms can be used by cast for changing and/or for property storage and there is a backstage toilet off the right-hand room. There are also two small upstairs rooms that can be used as changing rooms.


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