Can a drama group rent Davenham Theatre for rehearsals and performances?

Yes, we welcome visiting drama groups and charge by time slot and facilities required.

Can I rent the theatre for a one-off music event or rehearsals?

Yes, we welcome requests from bands or music impresarios!

Do you take bookings from touring music or drama shows?

Yes. We are willing to work with the show on a flat hire or revenue split basis.

Is the space available for meetings, art & craft sessions, lectures and so on?

Yes! especially for local community groups.

Do you take private party bookings?

Not normally

Is catering available at the theatre?

No, but facilities are available for hot drinks and there is a microwave for warming food and drink.

What size is the performing area and how large an audience can be accommodated?

Do you provide publicity for visiting shows?

Yes, we can list your show on social media, on our website and in our newsletter (approx. 600 subscribers)

Do you offer a ticket booking service?

We use online ticket booking services through Ticket Source, who charge a per ticket fee

Is there a car park?

No, but there is space for a vehicle to unload in our yard. Otherwise, street parking can be used (but be considerate of our neighbours’ access!).

Is there separate ‘studio’ space for full rehearsals or performances?

No, but the bar area adjoining the main auditorium can be used for small discussions/ rehearsals.

Is it a purpose-built theatre?

No. The theatre was originally built in 1783 by St. Wilfrid’s Church, Davenham to accommodate a school for the village and the original hall space remains as the current auditorium. Substantial changes and additions to the building have been made over the years.

Do you hire costumes?

We can by arrangement make costumes available to local drama groups but we do not operate a private costume hire business.

Is access by disabled persons with or without wheelchair possible?

Yes. There are both steps and ramp leading up to the theatre building main doors into the foyer. From the foyer there is step-free access into the auditorium and to an accessible toilet plus two other unisex toilets. The current bar area can only be approached by stairs but we hope to extend level access into a new room yet to be built in the theatre yard.

Should I allow time for setup before and getting out of the theatre?

Yes. Time you may need to set up before starting or move out at the end of a hire is counted as part of the hire time.

May props or costumes be left in the theatre overnight?

Yes, but we reserve the right to apply an additional charge for overnight storage.

Is technical support provided?

If personal technical support is needed, it can be provided at a negotiable rate

What are the rates for visiting shows?

Visiting shows can be accommodated on a ‘Straight Hire’ or a ‘Box Office Split’ basis. Rates are available on application.