Complaints Policy

Davenham Players Complaints Policy

1. Introduction

This policy has been written to inform members and volunteers how a complaint, which could be from a member of the public or from another volunteer, should be handled and what to do when the complainant is dissatisfied with a response.

2. Initial Complaint Handling

A complaint is usually best dealt with on the spot soon after the complaint has been made. It may be possible to defuse the situation before the complaint becomes more serious and escalates. Any volunteer made aware of a complaint that cannot be immediately resolved should refer the complainant to the Venue Manager for that evening or to a committee member.
Complainants should be addressed in a calm and polite manner and a resolution should be mutually agreed if at all possible. The person representing Davenham Players should note the complainant’s contact details and also record a full explanation of how the complaint arose if it cannot be resolved on the spot and needs to be escalated. The Complainant should also be made aware that they have the option of putting their complaint in writing to the club Secretary.

3. Complaint Escalation

If it has not been possible to agree a resolution, the person representing Davenham Players should inform the complainant that the matter will be referred to the Chairman who will investigate the situation and attempt to obtain a resolution with the Complainant. During this process, the Chairman may need to raise the matter with the Committee to clarify policy. At the end of the process, the Chairman will contact the Complainant and explain how it is proposed to resolve the complaint. The Chairman will also explain that, if still not satisfied, the complaint will be referred to the Board of Trustees.

4. Referral to Board of Trustees

If the Chairman has been unable to achieve a resolution, he/she will send a report to the Board of Trustees and ask them to consider the complaint at their earliest convenience. The Chairman will not be present when complaints referred to the Trustees are discussed. Once a decision has been made, the Secretary to the Trustees will respond to the complainant in writing to offer a resolution or to dismiss the complaint. The Secretary should explain that, unless new information is brought to the attention of the Trustees, the decision of the Trustees is final.


This policy was agreed at the committee meeting on the 9th November 2017. It is to be reviewed annually to ensure that it is fit for purpose and current at the first Committee meeting following each Annual General Meeting of the club.

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